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For your leisure - Activities

Natural Pools: It is undoubtedly the main tourist attraction in the municipality and the whole island. This complex is formed by natural pools of volcanic origin with a very particular aspect. The sea flows naturally in the pools, constantly renewing the crystalline waters that delight visitors. Visitors can dive here, swim and let their imagination run wild. In addition to their natural charm, these pools are equipped with support facilities, including a playground, a ramp for the disabled, a bath and changing rooms, a bar and a first aid station. The complex is supervised by a lifeguard team.

Madeira Aquarium: The building where the aquarium is installed is an exact replica of the São João Baptista Fort that was in this place. The interior of the fort was adapted to house the Madeira Aquarium. This aquarium, located in the village of Porto Moniz, consists of eleven exhibition tanks, in which the habitats of the marine world of Madeira are represented.

Living Science Center: Located in the village of Porto Moniz, this building is part of the network of living science centers created by the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture. Indeed, the center hosts national and international exhibitions, with interactive games, as well as other forms of scientific communication. This center follows a line of modern science museums responding to the needs of an adult audience and, in particular, children, who can learn, touch, explore, manipulate and experience all experiences. There is also a cybernetic zone, where visitors can relax and have access to the internet.

Achadas da Cruz Cable Car: A modern and attractive means of transport connects Achadas da Cruz to the sea and almost unreachable places. A different way to discover the beauty of Porto Moniz, in a comfortable and safe way. Between the green of the mountains and the blue of the sea, the walks on foot through the many levadas and paths stand out. This cable car is often used by farmers to transport agricultural products and utensils, to cultivate the land on the sea shore.

Fanal: This is an excellent option to visit in Porto Moniz. In this pleasant place we can find Barbecue areas, with tables and benches and ample parking space. In addition, we can venture on one of the several walking routes that this area has, surrounded by lush vegetation and beautiful panoramas of Chão da Ribeira and Ribeira Funda, which are part of the parish of Seixal. This area of Fanal, is part of Laurissilva, distinguished by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage.

Laurissilva Forest: One of the biggest tourist attractions on Madeira Island is in its spectacular landscape. Its luxurious vegetation continues to fascinate all those who are attracted to nature. This archipelago, included in the biogeographic region of Macaronesia, has a natural heritage of great scientific value, distinguished by UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage Site. This is a unique rarity, which has not yet been fully quantified. It was awarded the distinction of UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage on December 2, 1999. This new position of the region in relation to the rest of the world, allows it to be seen for its real and specific value, as a cultural heritage for the whole humanity.

Levada Walks: One of the main attractions of Porto Moniz, are the Levada tours. The Aqua Natura Madeira Hotel is a strategic point for hikers, as it is located close to several walks along levadas and paths.
These are the tours that everyone can explore:

  • Levada do Moinho
  • Levada dos Cedros
  • Levada da Ribeira da Janela
  • Levada das 25 Fontes
  • Levada do Risco
  • Footpath of Ribeira da Janela

For more information visit the Madeira Tourism website: www.visitmadeira.pt

Bird Watching in Madeira: Bird watching has become very popular in Madeira and there are many excellent sites and reserves in the archipelago. Madeira has a huge variety of land and sea birds, 42 species that nest here and some species endemic to Macaronesia that only exist in Madeira.

Madeira Island is an excellent destination for bird watching due to its unique location and its ecosystem. Here, many land birds can be seen, such as the pigeon trocaz (Columba trocaz), the corridourier (Anthus berthelotii), the manta (Butteo butteo harterti) and the kestrel (Falco tinnunculus canariensis) and many sea birds such as the Bugio nun (Pterodroma feae), the nun (wood Pterodroma), the cory caterpillar (Calonectris diomedea), the patagarro (Puffinus puffinus), the chick (Puffinus assimilis), the collared caterpillar (Puffinus gravis), the rock of castro (Oceanodroma castro), the yellow-legged gull (Larus michahellis atlantis), the dark-winged gull (Larus fuscus) and the striped-billed gull (Larus delawarensis).