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Interesting Information about Porto Moniz - Madeira island

Porto Moniz owes its name to Francisco Moniz, an aristocrat who lived here in the late 16th century. Although initially referring only to the harbour, the designation later came to refer to the areas around it.

With a geographical area of 80.40 square kilometres, the municipality of Porto Moniz is located in the north of the island of Madeira and is formed by its four parishes: Achadas da Cruz, Porto Moniz, Ribeira da Janela and Seixal, and its bordered by São Vicente (east), Calheta (southwest).
The municipality of Porto Moniz presents a multifaceted economy, which besides the primary sector, registers a strong development of the tourist sector, especially hotels and restaurants.

Undoubtedly, Porto Moniz is one of the municipalities of the archipelago with more tourist potential, boasting good accesses, landscapes of unmatchable beauty and numerous tourist attractions.

In the municipality of Porto Moniz you can find traditional Madeiran cuisine disches, such as “Espetada Madeirense” (small pieces of meat in a laurel stick), black scabbard fish fillets and tuna steak cooked or fried, grilled limpets, octopus and shrimp dishes, among others make the delight of those who visit us.

Wilted potatoes with fried black scabbard fish, sliced ​​potatoes with beans and corn cobs, the cabbage, yam and wheat soup are some of the signature dishes of this Municipality.

The Trout (freshwater fish) , rice limpets, the typical “bolo-do-caco”, with garlic butter, the traditional “Honey Cake and the passionfruit pudding are another gastronomic references of Porto Moniz.

Seixal is famous for its vineyards, which gives the tastiest grapes of Madeira.

So to accompany your meals you can choose one of high quality wines, red or white, produced by the grapes from this parish.